Monday, April 9, 2012

Meet my friend, Adriana

100 Strangers Photo Project

I am thinking for a while to start a photo project. I think this year is a good year for beginnings, of all types. I want something unique and creative at the same time.. I am thinking to get started with 100 Strangers project. Why? Because it suits my dynamic and sociable personality. I just love to get in contact with new people. I hope to have the guts to do it, as I’m a bit afraid of the people`s reaction. Romanians are more conservative when it comes to being photographed by strangers on the street. The idea is to approach someone you’ve never met before, ask if you can take their picture, and talk to them a bit to get some kind of backstory, and then upload the photo (and a short description of who they are and what you talked about. Then repeat 99 more times :) The idea is also to get out there in the heart of the city, meet new people and find out their stories. This might be fun. Not only will I get photos of different people in my collection, but I just might make a new friend or two. Haha :))

Girls in the city